UFC TUF S30E1期 – 对阵[全程视频] TUF终极斗士The Ultimate Fighter Season 30

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2022年4月26日UFC TUF S30E1 The Ultimate Fighter Season 30 Episode 1比赛赛后视频。文章源自武享吧-https://www.hula8.net/article/49255.html




Full Show Live Stream Online文章源自武享吧-https://www.hula8.net/article/49255.html

Preview for tonight’s Episode / 26 April 2022:文章源自武享吧-https://www.hula8.net/article/49255.html

Nikkita Lyons set to collide with Lash Legend in heated rematch * Lash Legend isn’t done with Nikkita Lyons just yet as the two rising Superstars clash in a heated rematch. Plus, Solo Sikoa looks for retribution against Trick Williams, Tony D’Angelo protects his turf against Xyon Quinn, and Josh Briggs, Brooks Jensen & Fallon Henley square off with Legado del Fantasma in a massive Six-Person Tag Team Match on a loaded episode of NXT 2.0 Tuesday night at 8/7 C文章源自武享吧-https://www.hula8.net/article/49255.html

* Nikkita Lyons set to collide with Lash Legend in rematch
* Solo Sikoa looks for payback when he squares off against Trick Williams
* Scores will be settled in huge Six-Person Mixed Tag Team Match
* Tony D’Angelo looks to defend his turf in showdown with Xyon Quinn文章源自武享吧-https://www.hula8.net/article/49255.html

2022年5月10日TUF终极斗士UFC TUF S30E02 The Ultimate Fighter第30季“终极斗士”...