Kickboxing Results: GLORY Collision 2

GLORY Kickboxing prevented its historic Collision 2 event today at the GelreDome football stadium in Arnhem, Netherlands.

The biggest fight in kickboxing history took place as Rico Verhoeven and Badr Hari battled in a rematch of their December 2016 bout won by Rico due to injury.Results below.

GLORY 74 Superfight Series Results

-Super Bantamweight: Rebekah Irwin (United States) def. Yi Xu (China)-Split Decision
Texas teenager Irwin (7-2, 1 KO) returned from a 5 1/2 month layoff in the Superfight Series opener against the debuting Yi (7-3). The bout seemed close, with the taller Irwin (3 inch height advantage) more comfortable at distance while Yi had success when she got into punching range. Four judges scored it 29-28 for Irwin and one had Yi by the same margin. Irwin, 19, is now 3-0 since debuting with Glory in February 2019.

-Middleweight: Ulrik Bokeme (Democratic Republic of Congo) def. Kevin van Heeckeren (The Netherlands)-Unanimous Decision
Former Enfusion standout Bokeme (31-3, 17 KOs) picked up his first GLORY win with a workmanlike three-round unanimous decision over tough van Heeckeren (4-3-1). Bokeme landed some hard punches on the inside to both body and head, and mixed in some nasty knees to the midsection. van Heeckeren scored with low kicks while on the outside. As the bout wore on, Bokeme took greater control and prevailed by scores of 30-27 (four times) and 29-28.

-Heavyweight: Nordine Mahieddine (France) def. Cihad Kepenek (Turkey)-Extra Round Split Decision
Mahieddine got off to a good start, knocking down Kepenek with a left hook in round one and stunning him with another hook before the bell. Kepenek regrouped to win rounds two and three, scoring with some nice uppercuts.

The extension round featured more back-and-forth action. Kepenek landed more uppercuts. Mahieddine went back to the low kick, and landed a couple of good left hooks near the end of the round. The big punches late probably won it for Mahieddine (25-9, 12 KOs). Three judges gave the extra round to Mahieddine 10-9 while two others favored the busier Kepenek (22-6, 15 KOs).

-Middleweight: Donovan Wisse (Suriname) def. Cesar Almeida (Brazil)-Majority Decision
Wisse (15-1, 8 KOs), the second-ranked Glory middleweight, knocked down newcomer Almeida (46-7-1, 27 KOs) with a left hook in round one. Almeida recovered and had some good moments as he pressed the action, but Wisse’s hard punches earned him a majority decision by scores of 30-26 (three times), 29-27, and 28-28.

-Heavyweight: Antonio Plazibat (Croatia) def. Jahfarr Wilnis (The Netherlands)-Split Decision
Plazibat (18-3, 11 KOs) remained unbeaten in Glory competition with a split decision over veteran Wilnis (32-13-1, 8 KOs). It was a close back-and-forth match, with both fighters firing off punches to body and head and low kicks. Plazibat had the higher workrate. Wilnis seemed to block and deflect a lot of shots but came up short by scores of 29-28 and 28-29 (four times).

GLORY 74 Arnhem Results

-Lightweight: Itay Gershon (Israel) def. Zhaoyang Li (China)-Majority Decision
Li (15-4, 7 KOs) pressured Gershon with punches as the Israeli scored with body and low kicks. Gershon (17-5, 6 KOs) continued to get the better of the action in round two, landing some good punches as well as kicks.

In the third, Gershon knocked down Li with a spinning heel kick followed by a flying knee. Official scores were 30-26 four times for Gershon while one judge curiously scored the bout 28-28.

-Light Heavyweight: Ariel Machado (Brazil) def. Michael Duut (Netherlands)-Unanimous Decision
Brazil’s Machado (50-9) returned with a dominant decision win over tough Dutchman Duut. Machado showed quick hands and got the better of the punch exchanges, knocking Duut down twice in the second round. Official scores were 30-25 on four judges’ scorecards and one 29-26 tally for the Brazilian.

-Featherweight: Serhii Adamchuk (Ukraine) def. Aleksei Ulianov (Russia)-Split Decision
Adamchuk (40-11, 15 KOs) prevailed by the slimmest of margins against Ulianov (29-7-1, 7 KOs) in a match up of two world-class technicians. Adamchuk was the busier fighter in round one then Ulianov pushed the fight in round two. Round three was also very close. Judges’ scores were 29-28 (three times) for Adamchuk and 27-30 (twice) in favor of Ulianov.

-Middleweight: Alex Pereira (Brazil) def. Ertugrul Bayrak (Turkey)-KO Round 1 (Retains Glory Middleweight Title)
Bayrak (18-7, 5 KOs) landed a couple of low kicks and counter punches but was soon stunned by a Pereira left. The bigger Pereira (32-6, 21 KOs) seemed to stun Bayrak with almost every clean punch he landed, and he was patient before a big left hook ended the bout just before the bell ending the first round. A right to the body set up the left. Bayrak went down and the fight was waved off immediately.

GLORY Collision 2 Results

-Featherweight: Zakaria Zouggary (Morocco) def. Asa Ten Pow (United States)-Unanimous Decision
Zouggary (33-5-1, 16 KOs) ended Ten Pow’s unbeaten GLORY run with pressure, landing some hard punches to body and head. Ten Pow (11-2, 5 KOs) seemed awed by the large GelreDome crowd early but warmed to the task in round two. Zouggary continued to outland Ten Pow in the third to win by scores of 30-27 on all five scorecards. The large Dutch-Moroccan contingent in attendance cheered Zouggary on as the two featherweights put on an entertaining battle.

-Lightweight: Mohamed Jaraya (Morocco) def. Massaro Glunder (Moluccan Republic)-Unanimous Decision
Jaraya (65-8, 36 KOs) picked up his first win as a lightweight (70 kg) in GLORY by outworking Glunder (33-14-4) to win the decision. There were no knockdowns or eight counts. Official scores were 30-27 (four times) and 29-28.

-Light Heavyweight: Luis Tavares (Netherlands) def. Stephane Susperregui (France)-Unanimous Decision
Tavares (62-8, 22 KOs) won his second straight bout since a close decision loss to Felipe Micheletti, knocking down Susperregui (49-10-2, 28 KOs) with a brutal right hook to the body in round one and landing the harder blows. Susperregui did well to survive the first round and had some good moments. Scores were 30-26 (twice) and 29-27 (three times).

-Heavyweight: Rico Verhoeven (The Netherlands) def. Badr Hari (Morocco)-KO Round 3 (Leg Injury)
Verhoeven retained his title but once again injury prevented a clean conclusion to the match. Rico was knocked down twice-once in the first round with a right hand and again in the third round with a left high kick.

Fighting more aggressively early than he did in their first bout, Rico got hit with a right hand during an exchange that dropped him in the first round.

Rico had success in round two and won the round on all three judges’ scorecards. The champion worked the jab and low kick and connected with some clean right uppercuts.

Hari knocked Rico down early in the third with the high kick. Soon after, disaster again struck for the Moroccan.

After Badr threw a left spinning kick blocked by Rico’s arm, he fell to the canvas and couldn’t get up. Referee Atsushi Onari began the count but waved the bout off.

Hari cursed the injury and sobbed on the canvas while the medical staff treated his leg. He was taken out of the ring by the medical team.

Rico said after he probably let his emotions get the better of him so he fought more aggressively. He said his game plan was working and he “was making the impact.”

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