2016年6月21日WSOF 31期 – 直播对阵[视频] Ivanov vs. Copeland

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2016年06月21日 19:00 WSOF世界格斗系列赛31,WSOF(World Series of Fighting)第31期即将打响。World Series of Fighting 31,WSOF31: Ivanov vs. Copeland Complete Recap And Results,本次赛事于当地时间2016年6月17日举行,武享吧(www.hula8.net)本次中文视频在乐视录播,视频如下:

2016年6月21日WSOF 31期 – 直播对阵[视频] Ivanov vs. Copeland


World Series of Fighting Heavyweight Championship Main Event:

Blagoy Ivanov defeats Josh Copeland via unanimous decision (49-46, 49-46, 48-47)

Coming into the fight between WSOF Heavyweight champion Blagoy Ivanov and challenger Josh Copeland, the questions were could the challenger handle the champion’s accuracy and how would he handle a five round fight. Well those questions were answered resoundingly, he handled both.

Ivanov who’s biggest adversity in the fight, with all due respect to Copeland, was a cut on his forehead from an inadvertant head butt, was the more accurate fighter and landed the bigger shots. However, for every solid shot Ivanov popped the Grudge fighter with, he not only ate it like his mother’s cooking, he returned it. Huge credit to Copeland here. He came in fit and ready to fight and was there throughout in a position to find something to take the champ’s title. The Josh Copeland that fought Mike Hayes in his debut could not have won this fight and that’s not the Josh Copeland who fought this evening. This Copeland is a few tweaks from winning that belt.

Now let’s give kudos to the champion. Ivanov’s greatest accomplishment was staying calm and sticking to his game plan, despite the fact that a stoppage due to the cut seemed imminent. He did exactly what you should do, when faced by this type of issue. He looked for a stoppage in the immediate moments after the doctor left and then resigned himself to the fact that no one really wants to stop the fight. He did what Copeland did not do perhaps, and that is, he stopped being pre-occupied with the cut and realized his game plan was solid. He set about the business of finding the University of North Colorado alum’s face with punches and sought a finish.

Ivanov worked a throw and had side position and was throwing to end the fight. To sum up the performance, the champion did what champions do, they walk through hell to get to heaven. Ivanov dug deep and found what not everyone possesses the little extra in each round that makes you a champion. That extra brought him the victory 49-46, 49-46, 48-47 on the judges cards. Ivanov has that extra and here’s hoping Copeland finds it because this is a fight the WSOF should do several more times.

Lightweight Co-Main Event:

Jason High (19-5) defeats Mike Ricci via TKO (punches). Rd. 2, 4:08

The fight between Jason High was going to be about one thing; distance. Early on the distance was controlled by Jason High. True to High form, he bullied Mike Ricci with takedowns and power shots against the cage. He also controlled the ground game. The Tristar product held his own in the scrambles but High got his takedowns and even got Ricci’s back.. The fight looked to be going High’s way in a mugging. Then Ricci found his range.

Ricci’s elbows and straight left hands found High’s face and bloodied his nose at the end of the first and continued into the second. Ricci established that he could wrestle with “The Kansas City Bandit” and even had High looking close to going out with postured up elbows and bombs from High’s guard. The fight came back to the feet and High really looked like he was ready to go. Then in an instant High found a lighting bolt of a left hand and sent it right down main street, knocked Ricci silly and finished from the top. The record books will show a second round TKO for High at 4:08 mark. What it wont show is how great a fight this was and how High pulled victory from certain defeat and set himself up for a shot at one of the best 155 pounders in the world, WSOF lightweight champion, Justin Gaethje. High made it easy on the WSOF brass, this fight will be booked.

John Howard defeats Michael Arrant via Unanimous Decision (30-27, 30-27, 30-27)

Coming into this fight not many gave Michael Arrant a chance in his short notice fight against John “Doomsday” Howard. Despite the short notice, Arrant came in with a pretty solid game plan. A game plan that appeared to be focused on activity. Arrant’s volume in the early rounds was like the rain, relentless, in Howard’s face and no sign of stopping. The byproduct of that activity was it made it difficult for Howard to get set and sit down into this power, he was too busy defending pitter-pat strikes.

The problem with that game plan is that along the way, not much is being accomplished by way of damage. It’s a game plan that can lead to the frustration of an opponent and that works if you are walking them into something bigger that can lead to a finish. Arrant fought a Dominick Cruz-like fight without the power, and in the end, the lack of payoff, left him without much to show the judges. A late low blow seemed to ignite Howard, and after a short break he came out, dropped the Xtreme Couture fighter, took him down and finished the fight in a dominant position. Howard won on all cards, despite being frustrated early, and sets himself up for a big fight moving forward at 170 lbs. Not ready for Jon Fitch but an Okami or Nurmagomedov fight might be interesting.

Sheymon Moraes def. Luis Palomino via Unanimous Decision (29-28, 29-28, 29-28)

In a fight that could certainly lead to a title shot at 145 lbs., young stud Sheymon Moraes battled veteran Luis Palomino. The fight started slow and the crowd looked to be ready to revolt before Moraes and Palomino decided to trade a little. Moraes was very active with the kicks early and throughout for that matter. The Brazilian’s kick game laid the path that he would ultimately follow to victory.

Not all of Morae’s kicks landed but what they were effective in doing was beating Palomino’s body and establishing the distance that the fight was going to take place at. Palomino looked to strike in flurries at times in the first and third and to a lesser extent in the second but it never seemed to be a committed effort. Moraes worked off the kicks with some counters and cut the Peruvian veteran en route to a unanimous decision on all cards. A case could have been made for Palomino winning the first on activity and the third with a takedown, however the judges didn’t see it that way and they are the only three votes that count. Look for Moraes to get the winner of Almeida-Palmer 2 next month.

Phil Hawes def. Joshua Keys via TKO (Strikes), Rd. 1, 2:52

No prospect has come into the World Series of Fighting with more hype than Phil Hawes. A wrestler from the same junior college as Jon Jones, Iowa Central and the same pro camp as Jones, Jackson-Winklejohn, Hawes appears to be cut from similar cloth. The competition rose this evening as Hawes made his debut in the WSOF against Joshua Key and Hawes rose with it.

A greek god in stature, Hawes found the mounted position several times in the first and rained down Jones-like elbows. He couldn’t find many openings for the elbows but make no mistake they were vicious in delivery. The end of the fight came at 2:52 of the first round as Hawes found Key’s back and TKO’d him with strikes to the head. Hawes seems to be a legit prospect, with solid grappling and killer instinct in this one. Moving forward, a longer look at his stand-up game and more accuracy from top position may let us know if this young man will reach Jones-like heights.

Preliminary Card: (WSOF.com – 6:00 p.m. ET/3:45 p.m. PT)

Lightweight: Devin Powell def. Tom Marcellino via split decision (29-28, 27-30, 29-28)

Heavyweight: Justin Willis def. Juliano Coutinho via TKO (punches), Rd. 2, 2:30

This fight was in danger of becoming simply a cage fight, one that sees two powerful heavyweights try to neutralize themselves in a close clinch. Luckily for the crowd and Justin Willis, the story was rewritten. The first round saw much of itself in a clinch, with Willis fighting to escape the embrace of Juliano Coutinho and take advantage of any inch of space where he could land his leather. A few moments in the first Willis did just that with any opening he found, but the rest of the round dragged out in close quarters. In round two, with a brand new gain of space, Willis went right in for the finish, dropped another heavy combination on Coutinho with the right amount of precision and simply dropped him within the first 30 seconds of the round thanks to a big overhand right. Willis now brightens his record with 3 KO’s.

Heavyweight: Tyler King def. Lorenzo Hood via Submission (Guillotine Choke), Rd. 2, 4:20

Tyler King welcomed debutant Lorenzo Hood to WSOF with a vicious onslaught of leg kicks. From the beginning the heavyweight chopped the front leg of Hood leaving the Chicago fighter off balance and in some instances wincing in pain. The telling tale of the fight was how much of the kicks Hood could take before King was able to capitalize on a finish, which he eventually got in the second round. The only real answer Hood offered was a variety of well-placed overhand shots and heavy bombs, which would have been devestating if they had landed on King’s jaw. By the mid-point of the second round, Hood began to minimalize space between the two of them and eagerly looked to finish the fight by potential KO. But once that was answered, Hood went in for a takedown that ultimately forced his demise. King grabbed the neck and secured a guillotine choke stopping the fight at the end of the second and interestingly, not on account of his ferocious leg kicks.

Lightweight: Bruce Boyington def. Saul Almeida via Split Decision (27-30, 29-28, 29-28)

Lightweight: Marcus Surin def. Christian Torres via TKO (Strikes), Rd. 2, 2:51

2016年6月21日WSOF 31期 – 直播对阵[视频] Ivanov vs. Copeland