2016年6月26日Glory荣耀格斗31荷兰站 – 直播[视频]

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2016年6月25日(北京时间6月26日)荣耀格斗31将在荷兰首都阿姆斯特丹打响。本次赛事重头戏为轻量级世界冠军战:泰拳王西提猜( Sittichai Sitsongpeenong)vs 罗宾·范(Robin van Roosmalen),另一场轻重量级世界冠军战:阿特姆·瓦克提夫Artem Vakhitov vs. Mourad Bouzidi。赛前提供直播信号。

2016年6月26日G l o r y 31荷兰站  主赛 [全程视频]

2016年6月26日G l o r y 31荷兰站  超级赛 [全程视频]

2016年6月26日G l o r y 31荷兰站 西 提 猜 VS 罗宾 [二番战视频]

上面视频: 善猜Saenchai vs Eddy Nait Slimani - Glory 31


上面视频: 乔什乔安西 vs 穆萨夫 - Glory 31

GLORY 31 Amsterdam: Fight Card对阵表:

轻量级世界冠军战Lightweight World Title:

  • 罗宾·范Robin van Roosmalen (c) (NLD) 负. 西提猜Sittichai Sitsongpeenong (THA)#1

轻重量级世界冠军Light-Heavyweight World Title:

  • 阿特姆·瓦克提夫Artem Vakhitov (RUS) vs. Mourad Bouzidi (TUN)


  • 【重量级比赛】伊斯梅尔·伦迪特(Ismael Londt)#2   VS   海斯迪·格哲斯(Hesdy Gerges)


穆瑟尔·格龙哈特(Murthel Groenhart)#1   VS   卡里姆·本曼索尔(Karim Benmansour)

尤安·孔戈洛(Yoann Kongolo)#2   VS   哈鲁特·格里戈里安(Harut Grigorian)#6

GLORY 31 超级赛SuperFight Series:超级赛官方图文对阵

  • 轻重量级: 扎克·穆威卡萨(Zack Mwekassa)#4   VS   穆拉德·布基迪(Mourad Bouzidi)#2
  • 羽量级:善猜(Saenchai PKSaenchaiMuayThaiGym) 胜 艾迪·奈特·西马尼(Eddy Nait Slimani)#5 【海报
  • 轻量级:乔什·乔安西(Josh Jauncey)   VS   阿纳托利·莫谢夫(Anatoly Moiseev)
  • 女子超雏量级:伊丽娜·玛则帕(Irina Mazepa)   VS   艾斯·维贝克(Isis Verbeek)
  • 次中量级:马克西莫·苏亚雷斯(Maximo Suarez)   VS   艾伊万·丹恩伯格(Eyevan Danenberg)

Mourad Bouzidi (TUN)曾参赛过GLORY 6赛事,对阵Fabiano Cyclone,视频点我观看

上面视频:尤安·孔戈洛(Yoann Kongolo)#2   VS   哈鲁特·格里戈里安(Harut Grigorian)#6 

GLORY31 孔戈洛VS穆赛

上面视频:Yoann Kongolo vs. Harut Grigorian GLORY 31 孔戈洛VS哈鲁特

上面视频:Murthel Groenhart vs. Karim Benmansour GLORY31穆赛VS本曼索尔

On Saturday, June 25th GLORY returns to Amsterdam with GLORY 31 Amsterdam. The show, headlined by Robin van Roosmalen vs. Sitthichai for the GLORY Light Heavyweight Championship was announced this weekend during the broadcast of GLORY 29. Also announced was Mourad Bouzidi challenging new GLORY Light Heavyweight Champion Artem Vakhitov to headline the SuperFight Series portion on UFC Fight Pass. Today GLORY announced that also on the SuperFight Series will be former Featherweight contender Mosab Amrani taking on Eddy Nait-Slimani.

Also featured will be a Welterweight Contender tournament featuring Murthel Groenhart looking for another shot at Holzken as well as Karim Benmansour.


GLORY 31 SuperFight Series and Main Card Results

GLORY returns to Amsterdam for GLORY 31, featuring the big rematch between Lightweight Champion Robin van Roosmalen and challenger Sitthichai Sitsongpeenong. Also fighting will be Ismael Londt against Hesdy Gerges and a welterweight tournament. The SuperFight Series will see a new Light Heavyweight Champion crowned, another Women's Grand Prix bout as well as the debut of Saenchai and Josh Jauncey against Anatoly Moiseev.

GLORY 31 主赛

Lightweight Title: 西提猜Sittichai Sitsongpeenong (R5 - Split Decision) 罗宾Robin van Roosmalen(C) -- Much like the first fight, this one was pretty close and the result left people wondering. Sitthichai very clearly won rounds 1 and 2. Robin clearly won 4 and 5. Round 3 everyone seems split. I'm not upset about this, because it was a closer fight than their last one, although I could have easily seen Robin getting the win here for sheer volume alone. Robin clearly disagreed with the decision and stormed out after the decision was announced. With him already talking about perhaps pursuing MMA full time I wouldn't be shocked if this is what sends me packing from kickboxing, although that would be a shame.

Welterweight Finals: Murthel Groenhart (R3 - Decision) Yoann Kongolo -- Close first round, close second round and then Murthel connected with a huge flying knee that put Kongolo down. He followed up with a flurry of strikes and continued after the bell, much to everyone's chagrin. Groenhart controlled the rest of the fight and got the win, then took the mic from Todd Grisham, climbed the turnbuckles and called out Nieky Holzken.

Ismael Londt (R3 - Split Decision) Hesdy Gerges -- This was a closely-contested bout, probably should have had an extra round, but Hesdy looked great. Londt was stumbling around a lot. Something about his fighting style is just really ugly and hard to enjoy. Stefano Valenti is a terrible, terrible referee. Every time he's in the ring there is a fear that he'll ruin the fight. In this fight he docked both fighters a point in the third round for clinching. What? Why is this man allowed to ruin fights?

Semifinal: Yoann Kongolo (R3 - Split Decision) Harut Grigorian -- Solid back-and-forth with both guys throwing heavy leather at each other. It really could have gone either way, but Kongolo picked up the victory.

Semifinal: Murthel Groenhart (R3 - TKO) Karim Benmansour -- Benmansour did his best against Murthel and survived some scary stuff, but Murthel threw everything at him before scoring the TKO in the third round.


Interim Light Heavyweight Title: Zack Mwekassa (R1 - TKO) Mourad Bouzidi -- Bouzidi has had problems getting knocked out in the past, but it was usually against heavyweights. At Light Heavyweight and even Middleweight he's shown a lot more resilience. But I doubt many in these weight classes hit like Zack Mwekassa. Zack Mwekassa just steamrolled through him with three big knockdowns.

善猜Saenchai PKSaenchaiMuayThaiGym (R3 - Decision) Eddy Nait-Slimani -- The real story of this fight was Stefano Valenti making crap calls. Saenchai was kind of trolling the ref for a while there, but a crappy point deduction in the second made this closer than it had any right to be. Saenchai is a next level talent, a once-in-a-lifetime talent and he really was having fun out there.

Women’s Grand Prix: Isis Verbeek (R3 - Decision) Irina Mazepa -- If this wasn't a hometown decision, then the judges weren't watching the fight. Verbeek looked okay in the first round, but in the second round Mazepa was finding her chin with ease, had her backing up for the next two rounds and was just winning the fight.

Anatoly Moiseev (R3 - Decision) Josh Jauncey -- This is a fight that you absolutely need to see. This wasn't a crazy bout where guys were getting dropped left and right, this was a taught, technical battle between what is very clearly two of the most skilled Lightweights in the world. It was a round apiece going into the third and Moiseev snuck his right hook through Jauncey's defenses and stunned him, which pretty much won him the round. This was kickboxing at it's best. Both guys have a very high ceiling to their careers.

Eyevan Danenberg (R3 - Decision) Maximo Suarez -- Poor Maximo. He's just really undersized at Welterweight. Eyevan was towering over him, lording over him with his reach. Maximo got knocked down in R2, which more or less sealed the deal for Danenberg's victorious debut.

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