2015年10月19日MMA赛事RXF 范霍文 VS. Viktor Boguttzki [视频]

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当地时间2015年10月19日罗马尼亚RXF赛事,世界顶级搏击赛事glory现役重量级冠军里科•范霍文(Rico Verhoeven)将参加MMA首秀对战Viktor Bogutzki。这位荣耀格斗的冠军的表现相当不错,刚开场就占据绝对优势,将对方压于身下,最终KO对手,获得MMA首秀的完美胜利,下面武享吧(www.hula8.net)为你精选本次赛事两人的对阵视频。本期赛事的完整对阵及完整视频请点我进入,后续更新更多视频。

上面视频: 范霍文(Rico Verhoeven) vs Viktor Boguttzki RXF 20

在今年1月4日昆仑决15南京站的比赛中,范霍文【资料与视频】爆冷输给了昆仑决重量级冠军“东欧大炮”安德雷·亨拉森查克(Andrea Henry Larsen chuck)【视频】。在Glory19中范霍文战胜了他的挑战者“碎骨机”埃罗尔·齐默尔曼(Errol Zimmerman)成功卫冕冠军头衔【视频】。

Today GLORY Heavyweight Champion Rico Verhoeven made his MMA debut at an event in Romania, picking up his debut win in dominant fashion in the first round. Verhoeven came into the fight with a lot of hype behind him over his pedigree in kickboxing and faced Viktor Bogutzki. Bogutzki has fought one prior fight in MMA and mostly has a kickboxing background, most recently fighting Raul Catinas in SuperKombat this August.

Verhoeven didn't look entirely comfortable defending strikes with those small gloves, but didn't take any damage from Bogutzki, either. Rico clinched up with Bogutzki and much to the surprise of everyone watching, executed a leg trip and landed on top of his opponent. From there he was able to control him on the ground and rain down heavy shots before the referee stepped in and called the fight midway through the first round.

Rico Verhoeven's next fight will be at GLORY 26 where he is slated to defend the GLORY Heavyweight Championship against Benjamin Adegbuyi for a second time this year.

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