2015年11月7日Glory荣耀格斗25意大利站- 直播战报[视频]

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2015年11月6日(北京时间11月7日)荣耀格斗第25期将在意大利米兰举行,本次比赛头条压轴主赛是Glory轻量级冠军争霸赛,现任冠军罗宾·范·罗斯马伦(Robinvan Roosmalen)(46-14-3,14K)迎战泰拳王西提猜(Sittichai Sitsongpeenong)(103-28-5, 28 KO)。还有K-1 MAX两届冠军、英雄传说70KG冠军乔治·佩托西奥(Giorgio Petrosyan)【乔治vs徐琰视频(78-2-1, 35 KO)对阵乔什·乔安西(23-5, 12 KO)。本次赛事包括一场冠军头衔战,现任Glory羽量级冠军加布里埃尔·瓦尔加(Gabriel Varga)#c 对阵 乌克兰选手谢尔希·阿达姆查克(Serhiy Adamchuk)#3。另外2012年K-1 MAX冠军穆瑟尔·格龙哈特(Murthel Groenhart)#5 出战次中量级四人赛。下面为武享吧提供的国外直播,赛后视频本页更新!!

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武者网战报综述:北京时间11月7日,世界顶级站立踢拳格斗赛事Glory荣耀格斗25期比赛在意大利米兰开战。本次比赛的头条压轴主赛是Glory轻量级冠军争霸赛,现任冠军罗宾·范·罗斯马伦(47-14-3,14K)迎战泰拳王西提猜(103-29-5, 28 KO)。备受看好的泰国新星西提猜虽然表现不错,但是还是没有登上顶峰。双方激战5回合,最终罗斯马伦以点数判定获胜卫冕Glory轻量级冠军头衔。

另一场联合主赛中,K-1 MAX两届冠军、英雄传说70KG冠军乔治·佩托西奥(79-2-1, 35 KO)对阵乔什·乔安西(23-6, 12 KO)。佩托西奥还是依旧犀利精准,双方打满三局乔治压倒性的优势点数获胜。

备受关注的次中量级四人赛中,2012年K-1 MAX冠军穆瑟尔·格龙哈特(58-19-3, 33 KO)不负众望,半决赛第二局TKO获胜,总决赛第一回合击倒对手读秒的情况下一致判定获胜,夺得次中量级四人赛冠军。

另外还有一场Glory羽量级冠军头衔战,新任冠军加布里埃尔·瓦尔加(26-3, 8 KO)对阵谢尔希·阿达姆查克(31-5, 14 KO)。双方打满5回合,谢尔希·阿达姆查克点数获胜成为新任Glory羽量级冠军。

第一场视频:罗宾·范Robin van Roosmalen (c) vs. 西提猜Sitthichai Sitsongpeenong

第二场视频:穆瑟尔·格龙哈特Murthel Groenhart vs. 卡里姆·咖吉Karim Ghajji

第三场视频:穆瑟尔·格龙哈特Murthel Groenhart vs. 尼古拉·加洛Nicola Gallo

第四场视频:尤安·孔戈洛Yoann Kongolo vs. 卡里姆·咖吉Karim Ghajji

第五场视频:乔治·佩托西奥Giorgio Petrosyan vs. 乔什·乔安西Josh Jauncey

现任Glory羽量级冠军加布里埃尔·瓦尔加(26-2, 8 KO)去年6月份夺得Glory羽量级四人赛冠军,在今年4月份夺得Glory羽量级冠军金腰带。这次的对手谢尔希·阿达姆查克(30-5, 14 KO)今年6月份的比赛中判定战胜了马拉特·格里戈里安(Marat Grigorian),之后刚刚9月份在Glory与Bellator合办的比赛中获胜。

另外本次Glory荣耀格斗25的次中量级四人赛中,穆瑟尔·格龙哈特(56-18-3, 32 KO)将对阵尼古拉·加洛(22-9-1, 6 KO);另一对阵是尤安·孔戈洛(60-5, 45 KO)对阵卡里姆·咖吉(93-10-1, 49 KO)。

Full GLORY 25 Card Shows Featherweight Title Fight, Welterweight Tournament and More

GLORY is not messing around when it comes to GLORY 25 Milan. Imagine having a card so jam-packed that fights like Danyo Ilunga vs. Artem Vakhitov and a Featherweight title match between Gabriel Varga and Serhiy Adamchuk are on the SuperFight Series card. That's how big of a card GLORY 25 is.

We already know that the headliner will be Robin van Roosmalen defending the GLORY Lightweight Championship against Sitthichai and that Giorgio Petrosyan will be returning to the GLORY ring against Josh Jauncey, but we now also know who will be included in the Welterweight tournament with the winner getting a title shot. The tournament is Yoann Kongolo vs. Karim Ghajji and Murthel Groenhart vs. Nicola Gallo.

GLORY 25 MILAN主赛对阵如下:

Lightweight Title Headline Bout: 罗宾·范Robin van Roosmalen (c) . 西提猜Sitthichai Sitsongpeenong

Welterweight Tournament Final Bout: 穆瑟尔·格龙哈特Murthel Groenhart . 卡里姆·咖吉Karim Ghajji

Lightweight Co-Headline Bout: 乔治·佩托西奥Giorgio Petrosyan . 乔什·乔安西Josh Jauncey

Welterweight Tournament Semi-Final Bout B: 尤安·孔戈洛Yoann Kongolo . 卡里姆·咖吉Karim Ghajji

Welterweight Tournament Semi-Final Bout A: 穆瑟尔·格龙哈特Murthel Groenhart TKO. 尼古拉·加洛Nicola Gallo


Featherweight Title Headline Bout: 加布里埃尔Gabriel Varga (c) . 谢尔希Serhiy Adamchuk

Light Heavyweight Bout: 丹尼尤·伊隆咖Danyo Ilunga . 阿特姆·瓦克提夫Artem Vakhitov

Middleweight Bout: 萨米尔·伯克西杜斯Samir Boukhidous . 维托里奥·俄马诺Vittorio Iermano TKO

Welterweight Tournament Reserve Bout: 斯特凡诺·布鲁诺Stefano Bruno TKO胜. 豪萨姆·拉德温Hosam Radwan

Lightweight Bout: 阿纳托利·莫谢夫Anatoliy Moiseev . 泰奥·米克里克Teo Mikelic  一致判定   3回合

英文战报综述:Today is Friday, November 6th and GLORY 25 is upon us. GLORY 25 is shaping up to be one of the most exciting cards that we've seen all year thus far with Robin van Roosmalen vs. Sitthichai Sitsongpeenong headlining the event for the GLORY Lightweight Championship. For the fans in Italy, though, the feature attraction is the return of the doctor as Giorgio Petrosyan takes on Josh Jauncey. To top it off there will be a welterweight contender's tournament, the GLORY Featherweight title will be decided and Ilunga takes on Vakhitov. This is quite a day of fights.


  • Giorgio Petrosyan 击败 by pts Josh Jauncey
  • Robin van Roosmalen 击败 by pts Sitthichai Sitsongpeenong
  • Welteriweight Tournament Final: Murthel Groenhart  击败 by pts Kharim Ghaiji
  • Welterweight Tournament Semifinal 1: Karim Ghajji 击败  by pts  Yoann Kongolo 
  • Welterweight Tournament Semifinal 2: Murthel Groenhart 击败 by TKO R2 Nicola Gallo


  • Vittorio Iermano 击败 by TKO R2 Samir Boukhidous
  • Serhiy Adamchuk 击败 by pts Gabriel Varga  
  • Artem Vakhitov 击败 by pts Danyo Ilunga
  • Stefano Bruno 击败 by TKO R2 Hosam Radwan
  • Anatoliy Moiseev 击败 by pts Teo Mikelic



GLORY Lightweight Championship: Robin van Roosmalen(C) (R5 - Unanimous Decision) Sitthichai Sitsongpeenong-- This was academic. In fact, Sitthichai didn't even get out of second gear in this fight. He dominated, did exactly what he wanted to. Robin fought valiantly and landed a good deal of punches, but Sitthichai was just the better fighter.

I wrote that before the decision was rendered. The decision was, somehow, for Robin van Roosmalen. Literally the worst decision that I've ever, ever seen. These judges should never be allowed to judge another fight ever again. They just robbed Sitthichai.

Welterweight Tournament Finals: Murthel Groenhart (R3 - Unanimous Decision) Karim Ghajji -- Man, what a damned fight. First round started off well enough, but then Murthel Groenhart turned up the heat and this turned into a Mike's Gym slaughter like we've seen with other fighters from Mike's Gym. Ghajji went down and things looked grim. Yet, he hung out. I commented that Murthel was going to gas out and he came out strong in the beginning of round two until he began to fade. From there he was still throwing strikes but spending a lot of time in the ropes while Ghajji went to work. Round three was more of the same, but Murthel came back strong and was throwing some big shots. Great, great fight.

Giorgio Petrosyan (R3 - Unanimous Decision) Josh Jauncey -- What is there to say? Giorgio Petrosyan is back and he looked tremendous. The same Doctor that we've all known and loved for years avoiding just about everything that Jauncey threw at him while landing his legendary counters. I can't stress enough how good that Jauncey looked here, though. He was right there with Petrosyan avoiding just about every big shot thrown at him. The problems came for him when he came in too close to Petrosyan and Petrosyan was throwing those close knees and short punches.

Welterweight Tournament: Karim Ghajji (R3 - Majority Decision) Yoann Kongolo -- Interesting fight. Ghajji was a bit more careful in there while Kongolo was incredibly active all fight. But Kongolo wasn't doing a lot of damage. Ghajji scored a mildly controversial knockdown in round one and that really sealed the fight for him. Kongolo won round two by being more active, but the third round was incredibly close, with Ghajji potentially edging things out with a few great punch combinations. Solid fight, could have gone either way.

Welterweight Tournament: Murthel Groenhart (R2 - TKO [cut]) Nicola Gallo -- Wasn't really much here. Murthel controlled the fight early on and opened up a cut. Once the ref and doctor checked on it that was that.

GLORY 25 SuperFight Series

GLORY Featherweight Championship: Serhiy Adamchuk (R5 - Decision) Gabriel Varga(C) -- This was an absolutely ugly fight. There's really no way around that. Both men are sound technicians and the fight that we got included Varga throwing a few strikes, then plowing headfirst into Adamchuk who would then land a few shots and headlock him before the ref broke it up. Literally five rounds of that. Both men are tremendous talents, but this was ugly.

Artem Vakhitov (R3 - Unanimous Decision) Danyo Ilunga -- My god, what a fight. Danyo Ilunga at times doesn't seem like he has it all together, but in this fight we really saw one of the best performances by Ilunga that we've seen in a long time. This fight was all about Ilunga's length and kicks against Vakhitov's punch combinations. Ilunga was holding strong early on, but Vakhitov came roaring back with a combination with his hands that should have put Ilunga down, but didn't. The second round was slower, a bit more deliberate, but Ilunga looked to be landing the better strikes. The third round is where Vakhitov really laid into his punches here. Ilunga looked to be in control, but Vakhitov threw everything at him. Tremendous fight by both men, nobody has anything to be ashamed of.

Vittorio Iermano (R2 - TKO [Cut]) Samir Boukhidous -- Interesting fight. Boukhidous seemed like the better fighter, landing the cleaner strikes and controlling the ring. Yet. Iermano landed a big knee in round two that connected on the forehead of Boukhidous and opened up a pretty gnarly cut. Once the ref had it checked out the fight was called.

Stefano Bruno (R2 - TKO) Hosam Radwan -- Radwan looked pretty good, but his defenses left a lot to be desired. Bruno landed a lot in the first round, both men technically went down but the ref didn't call it. The second round saw Bruno just working Radwan over, Radwan going down three times but the ref completely missing the second time somehow. The third knockdown was all that the ref needed to see before stopping it. Solid win by Bruno.

Anatoly Moiseev (R3 - Unanimous Decision) Teo Mikelic -- While Mikelic was game throughout this fight, this fight was all Moiseev. Moiseev was controlling most of the action, having Mikelic backpedaling throughout the fight. A knockdown in second round helped Moiseev to run away with the fight, but Mikelic was too banged up in R3 to make any sort of comeback. Good showing by Moiseev.(英文来自“Dave Walsh”)